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1: While Soccer is a methodical game, indoor is much different, it is a fast paced game requiring a team that can work together without need of a set plan; by knowing each others games, positions and Strengths, team members can adjust and make do with any changes in a game
2: Indoor Soccer is a fast game that usually forces no player to remain motionless, this of cause results in players save for the goalie getting exhausted, a team with enough players will need to work out a substitution system. I've noticed that a close game is not necessarily won by the team with the best players, tactics etc, but by a team that can play Indoor soccer for Both halfs!
3: When being chased into a corner in your own half but having lots of time, an effective technique is to hold the ball in the corner, this will result in different things happening depending on your opposition. a) An opposing player/s will be committed to intercept you, this draws a player off one of your own! You can then counter by passing up the line or at an angle to a free player. b) Players will stand off waiting for you to pass, giving you the option to run yourself. If something goes wrong, you can play the ball to the goalie, or if they manage to take the ball, considering you remain in the corner, won't have an angle to openly attack the goal.
4: Calling a name when asking for the ball may not be the best method of opening a play, by calling a name, you draw attention, not just from your team mates. A simple whistle or raised hand can be effective and discreet.
5: Directly passing to a player is often not the best method or option, the rule of thumb is to pass the ball into space where your player is most likely to gain possession.
6: NEVER pass the ball across the front of the goal if you can help it, this opens up a massive chance for the opposition to score if a mistake occurs.
7: Its best not to try fancy footwork directly in front of your goal , because if the ball is lost, your goal is wide open.

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